Introducing Judge Debra Jones:

Judge Debra Jones is a Constitutional Conservative Republican running for the Alabama Supreme Court. For too long now we have seen activist Judges mischaracterize, misuse, and ignore the constitution of the United States and the State Constitution of Alabama. Judge Jones will never legislate from the bench and will always serve fairly, morally, and impartially. Judge Jones has overseen numerous cases including capital murder, rape, child sexual abuse, medical malpractice and wrongful death. Judicial experience should matter, and with Judge Jones on the Supreme Court, experience will never be in question.

Our Alabama Values:




I've spent my entire life supporting and fighting for those who cannot speak for themselves. A baby is a precious gift of life. We must do everything we can to stand up and protect their lives.




The gun-grabbing liberals will stop at nothing in their efforts to seize lawfully owned firearms from law-abiding American citizens. I'll stand firm and enforce the second amendment as its written-- not as the liberals "interpret" it.



Pro-Law Enforcement and Military

Our men and women in uniform are under attack by the radical leftist and ANTIFA anarchists. I'll never back down and I'll never bow to the pressure of any police-hating organization.



Conservative Republican

I'm a life-long Christian Conservative. I'm an Alabamian educated by Alabamians. Our values are under attack and I'm ready and willing to protect them on the bench.

"I am proud to be born, raised, and educated in Alabama,” Jones said. “It would be my honor to serve the great people of Alabama on its highest court."

Judge Debra Jones

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