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About Judge Debra Jones

Conservative. Republican. Alabamian.

Judge Debra Jones knows Alabama. After all, she was born, raised, and educated right here in Alabama. She lives, works, and worships in our great state of Alabama, which has given her the unique opportunity to learn more about the important issues facing our state's court systems. 

Judge Jones has been married for 29 years. She has 5 grown children and 2 wonderful grandchildren.  Judge Jones has served as Circuit Judge for more than 11 years and is currently completing her second term. Judge Jones is running for the open seat on the Alabama Supreme Court. She will fill Justice Bolin's seat as he is retiring.


Judge Jones has presided over 75 criminal and civil jury trials ranging from the most severe and complex types of cases such as capital murder to medical malpractice and wrongful death and 11 nonjury trials and thousands of motions, pleas, and hearings throughout her career on the bench.

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Judge Debra Jones'

Conservative Values

It's no secret where I stand on the issues. I'm a Conservative Christian Republican and I'll never back down from my values and beliefs. I'm a pro-life, pro-God, and pro-gun Alabamian. My life in Alabama has taught me that Washington D.C. elitists, radical liberals, socialists, and criminals will all stop at nothing to force us to compromise our values, our stances, and our beliefs. But I'll never back down.

I've spent my career on the bench putting criminals behind bars and bringing justice to victims. My agenda is clear: Follow the United States and Alabama Constitutions.

I'll follow and enforce the law fairly, equally, and judiciously. I'll never bow to political pressure and I will always follow the letter of the law with the intent our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the great documents by which we live.

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"I am proud to be born, raised, and educated in Alabama,” Jones said. “It would be my honor to serve the great people of Alabama on its highest court."

Judge Debra Jones

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What it means to be:


I've spent my entire life supporting and fighting for those who cannot speak for themselves. A baby is a precious gift of life. We must do everything we can to stand up and protect their lives.

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